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High-Tech Vascular Solutions

Technology has created an evolution in vascular surgery that is sure to benefit all patients with vascular disorders. As the quest continues to improve care, decrease suffering, minimize hospital stays, and maximize successful outcomes, vascular procedures have been greatly improved.

Vascular Disease refers to conditions that affect all the blood vessels of the body outside of the heart.  In arteries, these conditions primarily involve either blockage (leading to less blood flow to target organs), or ballooning of thinned blood vessels, known as aneurysms (leading to rupture and potentially fatal bleeding. Established treatments for these disorders had primarily centered on open surgical techniques developed by vascular surgeons who have, with time, applied existing technology to minimize invasiveness of these procedures and improve outcomes.



Until recently, there were no fellowship-trained vascular surgeons in Northwest Indiana.  Patients commonly traveled to Chicago for access to the latest vascular treatments. The need for highly specialized vascular care in this region was recognized by the leadership of Franciscan St. Anthony Health - Michigan City, who several years ago began the search for highly qualified individuals and invited them to practice at their hospital.  Today, there are two board-certified vascular surgeons in our area, Charles Tattersall, MD and Virginia Newman, MD, both affiliated with the Vascular Center of the Great Lakes.  These surgeons are experienced in the latest, high-tech, minimally invasive treatments for vascular problems, and perform many of their procedures in the two, newly built, state-of-the-art catherization labs at Franciscan St. Anthony Health. Read more...